Vertical Slice 1.0.5

Cygnus Void here!

We're proud to announce that our Vertical Slice is now on .

Our team has been solidly working on this project for two years now, with one year spent in developing a solid core and concept for the IP and the past year of work in the game.  As of today the team comprises 9 members covering the areas of 2D and 3D art, game design, programming, narrative, audio and marketing, with three team leads who are also co-founders of this initiative.

At the moment we are working on the first installment of a new IP for which we have recently finished our second vertical slice. We consider two possible development scenarios, expecting development to take a total of 23-26 months before release.

The demo is a fifteen minute long prototype that shows an overview of what we want to achieve. Players will encounter astonishing AA, next gen graphics and compelling otherworldly environments,  and they 'll get a glimpse of the depth and possibilities of our energy-balance mechanics and puzzle solving, also they'll experience the captivating, intriguing yet moving narrative too.

Any feedback will be appreciated!


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